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It is such fun to find new ways to design things. Really, nothing is all our own design. It starts somewhere. 


This bracelet started when I saw a tutorial from Eni Oken's website.  I was intrigued because it was for a leather wrap bracelet (similar to the ones I have been featuring recently)



But the closure was different. Instead of using a knot in the leather and making a slot for the button, it was flat. Boy, did that peak my curiosity. Of course, I had to know how to do that.  In addition they showed a three row version and that was intriguing too.


So, a few days later and a trip to pflora beads for supplies here is the results.



As usual, I'm working on a few bugs with the first one but I really like the results. I did try a different color pallet too. That all started with the button I had on hand. (As with a lot of things - one thing leads to another) It is nice to get out of my color rut.




Now I'm working on gathering more supplies so I can make another one. Which reminds me, what colors would you like to see made in a similar bracelet? I always get the best ideas from my customers.   



Oh, yes, the name of the bracelet. Sometimes it isn't easy, at least for me, to come up with a name. Love Google for that! The colorful beads in the center are Rhyolite. So, I Googled that and in reading about Rhyolite I discovered many meanings. The most interesting was:


"Rhyolite helps one to be present in the current moment rather than dwelling on the past.  Rhyolite improves our ability to deal calmly with challenging circumstances and makes us aware of our own strength." and another one that said the colors looked like those in a Rain Forest. Thus the name. I think it fits the total look. Of course, I've never been to a Rain Forest but ....


Hope to hear from you with new suggestions, until next week


Bev Carlson


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