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Rainbow Kumihimo Bracelet


I had fun making this bracelet but I also, learned/relearned several things.



Here is another view:





OK, so what did I learn? First, Swarovski 3mm bicones are expensive. Well, I did know that already but when you have to use 336 of them it adds up.

Plus they are a bear to string! They seem to have a mind of their own.


The main thing I relearned was that you need to measure as you are making the braid. I paid more attention to the colors and usual amount of beads to string than how long the braid was getting. Now, I teach people how to do Kumihimo and always caution people to make sure to measure as it is much easier to add on and almost impossible to shorten your braid. But I didn't pay attention.


Next time, I will listen. :-) This bracelet is about 8 to 8 1/2 inches long. I usually make them 7 1/2 inches. Anyone out there that needs a longer bracelet?


Well, one of the other things I teach is you can vary the length by using different clasps. Thus this variation that makes it fit me better. Still a bit long for me but others ...




I'm thinking I could spruce it up a bit by adding bead dangles as I did in this cobalt bracelet.




I'm really looking for your comments on this bracelet.  It is for sale but not on the website. Mostly because I probably won't make another. However, I could be talked into it.


I really have a variation in mind to make next. Using seed beads instead of Swarovski bicones and using a more blended pattern of the Rainbow colors.


Always something in the works.




Until next time,




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