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Silk and Rolo Chain Necklace

Last week's teaser





About a month ago, I saw a lovely necklace at Beadcache in Mansfield. (One of my favorite local bead shops) They made a sample, showing how you could use some of their "Fairy Ribbons", strands of silk in many different colors.


I admit, the hardest part was choosing only two colors.




I started with a pretty heart focal I had in my stash. I seem to have been collecting a lot lately and really need to start using them!










Next, I chose two colors of the ribbons to go with the heart. That was fairly easy. These two will just work nicely!









I picked out 18 inches of Rolo Chain (as called for in the instructions) and started weaving the ribbons through the Rolo Chain.











After weaving the ribbons through the Rolo Chain, it looked nice but ready for the heart.









So, here is the finished product. I'm not at all satisfied with the wire wrapping of the heart. I needed to take off the bail that came with the heart because it wasn't big enough to go over the Rolo Chain.





I expect that fairly soon, I'll be doing it over. Practice, practice, practice.



I think that I'll soon be working with a different focal and different color ribbons for another version. Stay tuned.



Do you have any favorite colors I should look for? I would appreciate any input. (Hit reply to this email to let me know)




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