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 Still Hot, Hot, Hot ...

(but it is summer)


Types of weather do have something to do with what projects I'm working on and the heat is sure one of them. When it is this hot (we don't have A/C) I try to move a little as possible.That is easy while  making jewelry. IF, you have all your tools and materials handy.

That means some planning ahead. It also makes for a crowded workspace but it is manageable.


I have a nice comfy chair and a fan. I keep a small laptop "desk" with all my necessary items on it. Now, I mentioned small and that means while it is organized (really) it looks extremely messy. It usually contains several things WIP (I learned that term while I was working) Work in Process.



Next week I'm teaching Kumihimo with beads, part 2 at the Ames Library for the beading group I belong to.






So, I've started a bracelet to use as a demo. Here is the disk already to go. That can now be put in my travel bag for Monday with other things I need to take.



I'm still working on the Egyptian Spiral bracelet. (I'm a glutton for punishment - but I'm making progress) So you can see lots of spiral pieces on my small desk..



And of course, there are several spools of wire, tubes of beads and tools. (In the back) Plus, since I have been wearing them all the time lately, you can see a new pair of antique bronze spiral earrings in the works. There is one finished (the other is in my ear) and two ready for ear wires - just out of the picture. I'll be adding them to the web site soon. Only $15 per pair. They may soon become your favorite, also.





Last, but not least, a tease of a new design I'll be working on later this week. Can you see it? Any idea what it will be?


That's it for this week. Stay cool!







Until next time,




Ring by Ring Designs 7-16-2013


Chain Maille from

Ring by Ring Designs


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Kumihimo from

Ring by Ring Designs



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Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Flowers and Japanese Designs


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