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The Middle


Not the TV program but my current state of jewelry designing. I have several projects in the works and since I usually write about one of them, I figured by now, I'd have something finished to share in this week's post.


But no, I'm in the middle of them all. So, I decided this morning, in my 5 AM to 7 AM thinking time, I'd just tell you about my in "The Middle" designs. Several have been around for awhile. That happens!



I was asked to do a short demo at Beadcache (local bead store) for beginning Chain Maille that resulted in some people signing up for regular Chain Maille classes. Nice!





I suggested another demo, we named Horseshoe Bracelet. Unfortunately, only one person signed up, so it was canceled. The sample I had started, is in "The Middle". I haven't decided if I should just finish it or offer another demo for the bracelet.



Last week I decided to start using some of my stash of pendants. I went to pflora beads and purchased some seed beads for several projects I had in mind. 





Here is a project in "The Middle". To add to the middleness, since I've started, I don't like the pendant with the braid. It will probably take even longer to finish now :-(






This project is to make some earrings to go with a necklace I made. With this particular necklace there are several ways to go. I decided to flex my designing muscles and use the same cones I had used in the necklace (thanks to a suggestion from a friend).





It will still work, I'm sure, but right now it is in "The Middle" because it is just not what I would like - yet!




And on it goes. I should never search on Pinterest! I get more ideas than I can handle. I got an idea for a July 4th necklace. Yes, I purchased seed beads for the project and they are still in the seed bead containers. But I knew that would be on a back burner.



I expect, they might just all be finished at once and I'll have lots to show but...




Until next time,




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Here is a quick video of only some of my Glass Dome Pendants featuring Sea Shells



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