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VA Vacation


Recently, we went on vacation to visit my oldest daughter in MD and on to the Virginia mountains for a week. Then back to MD for a few days before coming home. It makes a nice stop on the way to Virginia and also allows us to see our daughter and her family.



One of my favorite signs in VA was the one of the price of gas.

My sister-in-law, who went with us, explained that VA has lower taxes on gas than the neighboring states. We did notice however, as we got closer to MD on the way back that the price went up to $3.15 per gallon.


All in all, we had lots of fun even though it was foggy and drizzly the last few days.




The government shut down would not allow us to go down the Sky Line Drive (National Park) on our way.






Some one there told us the road south of the Sky Line Drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway,  was open. So we decided to try it. Wrong day to go up in the mountains.




We were able to see the Woodrow Wilson Library in Staunton, VA, as it is privately owned .







Plus we had some beautiful sunsets.





Another rather common sight was road work signs. I really think they had a sale on "Road work ahead", "Right Lane Closed Ahead",  and my personal favorite "Lanes shift ahead" signs. They were everywhere!












We had a nice visit with the grandkids while we were there.









And we were also treated to a wonderful play at the Round House Theater in Bethesda, MD called "This". Hard to explain but very entertaining.




It was a very relaxing time and we really enjoyed the time we were away (almost 2 weeks in total)




Now, for a question and an offer. While away I was able to schedule my regular posts. However, last week's had something unusual about it.





Send me an email with the thing that was different and you can take 20% off your next purchase.


(Don't order on the website because I can not give discounts that way - send me an email and I'll see to it you get your discount)


Bev, the difference was ...




Until next time,



Ring by Ring Designs 10-22-2013

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