Ring by Ring Designs' December Fairs




I love it when that happens


Most of you remember my friend, Melanie. We have collaborated for several years on jewelry with donations from sales going to the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute. (Yes, Lexie is doing well. Now in high school and busy selling her cook book "Lexie's Gift" full of healthy recipes for everyone but especially for kids living with cancer.)


This year's offering is a cranberry ornament earring. One of those "Holiday" earrings that can go all year round. They are selling for $25 a pair with $5 being donated to the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute.






Send me an email, if interested. (To keep a handle on inventory, I'm not putting them up on my website yet)








You remember the Christmas Wreath ornament? That is on my website.




If you order that, I'll include a donation to the Dana Farber too. However, quantities are very limited and when they are gone...









I took the same pattern and made a bracelet. Looks a bit different but same colors and beads. I have one of those but I can make more. It sells for $45 (including a $5 donation to cancer research)













There is still time for ordering gifts. Just send me an email.


Oh, yes, you can have some for yourself. :-)




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