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Wire Wrapped Pendant





I've been sharing my "struggles" with learning to wire wrap a gemstone for a Pendant. I realize it is hard to tell from pictures just what it is I don't like.


Well, I finally made one that I'm (relatively) satisfied with. I like both the design and the way the wire looks. The picture could be better but here it is:





Here is one of the things I've improved.





The wire I use is "half round". Just like the name says, half of the wire is round. The other half is flat. Now, when I was working before, I was not always able to get the rounded side where it should be, round on top.






I realize that is a hard thing to see (even if the piece is in your hand)  but if you are going to use nice half round wire, it should show it is nice half round wire! Standing on edge, as in the others, really doesn't cut it.





Here is a picture of wire on its edge. See the top middle wire is on edge? The bottom middle wire is round as in the good one.


















The other thing I like about this one is the three coils on the top. (Reminds me of the three rings in my Ring by Ring Designs' logo)







I expect that I will have more improved pendants to show you in the future. See it on the website.


You can help me, if you would, by letting me know if you like this type of jewelry. I won't feel hurt if you don't like it because, I do not really love it myself but it is growing on me. Click here:  Bev, I think...  


I discovered another thing I'm going to work on this week. Dangly earrings.

I know many of you prefer smaller earrings, but not all of you, I've found out. So, I'll have something new for next week in the earring line. Stay tuned.


Let me know if you like dangly earrings or not.

Click here: Bev, I like .... earrings.


Thanks for taking time to let me know what you are thinking, what you like or don't like. I really appreciate it.


Until next time,



Ring by Ring Designs 2-26-2013

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