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Wreath Ornament



Bringing a piece from an idea to actually making the design can be a problem. This original idea came from Ro Rice, a Facebook friend in the Kumihimo group. I had a picture of what I wanted to make and actually made three different bead patterns.


Then came the problem. Make a bow to put on the top.Lots of things to consider. First color, then width, then texture or thickness of the ribbon. Plus making it look neat. :-)



I made a trip to the local craft store and came home with some gold ribbon. So wrong. The ribbon frayed and flopped. Just spoiled the whole look.



Next, I Googled "How to make bows". I found a very helpful site that showed making a little bow using a fork. Much better but still not right. So I went back to the store for more ribbon.






This time I found some nice red ribbon that was a bit wider and thinner. Better texture. It frayed a bit but I could fix that with my handy dandy lighter.


Much better, don't you think?


Did  you notice each one has a different bead pattern? Do you have a favorite?












Here is number one

























Here is number two

























And here is number three. Can you tell the difference? Do you have a favorite? Number 1, 2 or 3?











Now that I have the process figured out, I may make more. I thought about making them into pins as well as an ornament but not sure if people wear pins any more. Do you?


Always looking for suggestions. There is some time before the season.



Until next time,




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