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Take a moment to explore handcrafted unique jewelry. You will find treasures all designed and handcrafted with love. Quality pieces made with care using special stones, beautiful crystals and quality materials using techniques inspired by ancient cultures, all that will enhance your uniqueness. 

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"Eternity" Bermuda Blue pendant


"Eternity" Bermuda Blue Earrings.


"Eternity" Bermuda Blue Silver Bracelet

Signature Silver Earrings

Signature Silver Earrings

Signature Silver pendant

Signature Silver pendant


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Here  you will find unique silver bracelets, bracelets using the ancient techniques of Chain Maille and Kumihimo as well as other varieties
Ring by Ring Designs Necklaces
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A collection of special necklaces for a special person or special occasion.
Not to be found anywhere else.
Ring by Ring Designs Earrings
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Earrings of all types are found here to match your new braclet or necklace or just stand out alone.

Wear a Rose Garden on your wrist

Rose Garden Bracelets

The "Rose Garden" collection consists of several bracelets in different color combinations. The results are bracelets for every season and occasion. Fall, winter and really anytime. Emerald Garden works for St Patrick's Day or summer. There are no rules. These bracelets make you feel special anytime.

The name "Ring by Ring Designs" came from the fact that so many people would ask "How do you make that?" when looking at the Chain Maille bracelets and necklaces. The answer is "Ring by Ring" much as people who knit or crochet would reply "Stitch by Stitch" 

Chain Maille patterns have been around a long time. Two are favorites. Byzantine for the many variations that can be made with the pattern and Jens Pind Linkage (JPL)

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Show off your love of Nature with Nature Themed Pendants

Nature Theme Pendants

Choose from a Bird's Nest, a Honeycomb, Hummingbird or Sunflower pendant - just for starters. All available in your choice of 18, 20 or 24 inch chain. But that's not all - there are Owls, Dragonflies and Butterflies, also. There are earrings and Bangles with three charms and more. The Nature Collection has many pieces from $20 - $35. Something for everyone. Don't miss out.

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Nature Collection

Something New for the New Year

"The Interchangeable Earring Tree" collection.

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Pick a basic earring (two variations available) from the “Interchangeable Earring Tree”. Both come with a silver heart. Then, choose two different color pearls or two different color Swarovski crystals. 
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A Gemstone Pendant for your every mood

Gemstone Pendants

The symbolism of stones center on ideas of endurance, stability, and permanence. They represent the ability to be grounded and connected with the earth. Take time to explore the different Gemstone Pendants and what they can represent for you.

Ring by Ring Designs has 8 different Gemstones hung on 18, 20 or 24 inch silver snake chains. All are beautiful and the price is right to own several. Choose your favorite.

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