Argentium Sterling Silver

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Tarnish is the main reason most people do not like Sterling Silver. Keeping jewelry in plastic zip lock bags or anti-tarnish cloth when not worn helps as does frequent washing with a mild soap and polishing with a cloth made for that purpose.

A new type of Sterling Silver, Argentium Sterling Silver, has been recently introduced. To be called Sterling Silver, it must contain at least 92.5% silver. Usually, the balance of 7.5% is copper, added for strength. Peter Johns, of Argentium Silver Co. Ltd. in the United Kingdom, has helped develop a new Silver by adding Germanium and the results, Argentium Sterling Silver, is a Sterling Silver that is very tarnish resistant. Argentium is a registered trademark.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that people with sterling silver sensitivities do not have these with Argentium sterling. Side by side regular Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver look exactly alike.

Because we at Ring by Ring Designs do not like to always be polishing our pieces, we use Argentium Sterling Silver. We hope you will appreciate the difference too.

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