Successful Fundraisers

Having successful Fundraisers for worthy causes is difficult. So many organizations are trying to raise money. The schools often have many fundraisers. Every cause has some merit but it is hard to support them all.

Ring by Ring Designs has already had some very successful fundraisers for different organizations. We work with you to design the perfect piece for your cause. We will add your piece to our web site and give suggestions on how to present your and sell your piece.

If interested be sure to contact us and we'll be happy to help you.

Science with a Mission

Science with a Mission

One of the first successful fundraisers was for Science with a Mission. Started by a friend, Alynne MacLean. As she says on her website she "had a dream that began decades ago as Alynne was graduating from college.  She had a passion for chemistry and a strong desire to help those in developing countries.  As she searched for a university for graduate studies, she learned about a technology called enzyme immunoassays (EIA) that are:

• Quick, easy, and sensitive

• Able to detect infantile gastroenteritis, a leading cause of infant deaths in underdeveloped countries

• Rapid and rugged tests that can be performed on site"

Diagnosing the proper illness is sometimes as important as having the necessary medicine to treat the disease. SMI provides simple tests that do not require electricity or other sophisticated equipment. 

Read more about Science with a Mission 

DFMC (Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge)

My friend, Melanie Horris was running in the DFMC (Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge) for Lexie Williams, a then 10 year old who had brain cancer since she was 3 1/2 month old. Here is an article about themOver $2,000 was raised from the sales of "Lexie's Jewelry" 
Lexie helped with the design by choosing the pearl colors for the bracelet and other items that rounded out the Lexie Jewelry line. (Earring, necklaces and pendants)

Lexie's bracelet
Diane's Ladybug necklace


DFMC (Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge)

"Diane's Ladybug" necklace is a special necklace that was made for a special lady. (See the rest of the story below)

Two silver rings (15 mm and 20 mm) are joined with small silver rings and then attached to fine chain and finished with a lobster claw clasp. A Ladybug charm (a symbol of good luck and abundant blessings) and a heart charm are hung from the larger circle. Choice of length 16, 18 or 20 inches.


The rest of the story:

My friend, Melanie has run the Boston Marathon to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute 10 times. Though she decided to stop in 2015, she is running again in 2017 for Diane Hight, a friend of ours who was diagnosed with cancer last year. Growing up Diane's Mother told her that Ladybugs are a message of strength and hope.

After her Mother died, Diane saw Ladybugs in many places just at times when she needed the strength and hope they seem to provide.. She felt they were a message from her Mother. Melanie gave the "Ladybug" necklace to Diane a few months ago. After receiving it, she refused to take it off. Diane felt empowered by this necklace, that it is a part of her, “it’s hugging me.” Sadly Diane lost her battle in March but her love and determination live on.

If you know someone who could use some good luck, abundant blessings. strength and hope plus some Love, this would be a perfect gift.

If you would like to have us work with you to have a Fundraiser for your group or organization or just for more information, do not hesitate to contact us.
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