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Intermittent musings of the designer of Ring by Ring Designs. I often try new things before introducing them to the "line". I welcome comments at this stage of our designing.

Covid-19 Collection Part 1

I expect you are feeling a bit different during this Covid-19 pandemic. Some are feeling anxious, some depressed and some just out of kilter. I, for one, have never felt that gemstones have had any thing to do with my feelings. But, if you read historical information about that you'll find many cultures firmly believe gemstones do have an affect on people and how they feel.

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Now for something completely different

During this pandemic I have not been making many new things. I've had ideas and even have the beginning of a new collection (I'll start sharing soon). However, because I subscribe to many other jewelry designers/suppliers newsletters I see many new ideas. One recently caught my eye. Very look different for me. The materials are suede and leather. I've used leather before and most all I made sold. So, it really isn't something completely different. The technique is different. It is also quite simple. (Only backed up twice :-)   

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Cleaning Jewelry

Do you ever wonder how to clean jewelry? If so, you are not alone. It is a question I often get when people purchase my jewelry. Fortunately, if they are purchasing any of my silver chain maille pieces, the answer is "Much easier because the pieces are made with Argentium Sterling Silver". As you may have heard me say before, Argentium Sterling Silver has the copper removed from the alloy and replaced with Germanium. Copper is why Sterling Silver tarnishes. The Germanium slows the tarnishing. 

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Odd National Holidays

If you ever wondered what all these odd National Holidays are, you just have to do a Google search to find out. July has more than the Fourth as a National Holiday. They range from "National Joke Day " to one of the funniest, I thought, "National I Forgot Day" all on July 1.

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Pearl Jewelry

Pearls have been used in jewelry at least as far back as ancient Greece. Until the 20th century pearls were one of the most valued gems, if not the most valuable, in many cultures. The rules of the Byzantine empire dictated that only the emperor was allowed to wear pearls. Other societies had rules about who could and could not wear these little treasures. 
Nowadays, these "natural" pearls found in oysters in the ocean cost from $500 - $2,000 per single pearl.

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Why do people buy jewelry?  Part 2

While jewelry is not something you "need"- we all seem to find reasons to purchase jewelry. Even if we already have some/lots. Last week I talked about having a connection to a piece of jewelry, usually to people or memories was important. They are keepsakes.

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Why do people buy jewelry?

Jewelry is not something you "need". Or is it? Think of a piece of jewelry you love and try to think of "why?"  While there are many reasons, I suspect that one common reason is the connection to someone or something. Do you agree?

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 Chevron Bracelet

Chevron Bracelet is a temporary name because I can't think of anything better. So, feel free to help me out with that!

These are very pretty bracelets featuring a mini oval Swarovski crystal surrounded by four Chevron Terra Cast Silver beads. OK that is the designer/official description. Need to work on the description that will make people want to purchase one. You know "desire" one. 

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"Zoom Earrings"

Before the pandemic and social distancing became a thing, I had never heard about "Zoom".  Skype, yes, but not "Zoom". My son told me that now "Zoom call" is an eponym** for a video conferencing call as "Kleenex" became an eponym for facial  tissues and "Xerox" for any photocopy. 

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Website 2.0

I've had my website since 2010. Long time in the scheme of things, computer-wise. I really haven't made many changes to it except adding new product and a few other minor changes, since I first designed it. Times change and if you look at the newer websites, they have a different feel. In other words, mine looks out of date. With loosing my two regular outlets for sales, I've had some extra time and decided it was time to have an overhaul. 

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Nature Jewelry Collection

Last spring I started my Nature Collection because I had an opportunity to display my pieces in the Gift Shop at Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon, MA. It is a fantastic place to visit. Unfortunately, just not now. You might think that open space would be fine. However, not when everyone wants to go hiking at the same time. For the safety of everyone, especially for the staff, closed right now , is better. 

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New "Classic" Earrings

Being mostly retired our daily schedules are really not a lot different with the social distancing orders; except that more people are now in our house daily. I must say, that isn't much different either as we have plenty of space in our house. Just, for me, however, the day of the week is hard to figure out with everyone home. We do adjust and will come out just fine at the end of the tunnel.

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When you see the abbreviation JPL, does it mean anything to you? 
When I worked at an electronics company, I was teased at first when I didn't know. As I started making chain maille, I learned a different meaning for the letters JPL. Now, what do you think it means? 

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May 01, 2018

Souvenir Pendants

Souvenir Pendants

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