Braver than you Believe

"Braver than You Believe" Necklace

$10 to Cancer Research

The story behind the necklace “Braver than you Believe”:

2 cancer survivors, 3 charms, and 26 miles.

Bev Carlson, Jewelry Designer and Melanie Horris, Marathoner have teamed up to fight cancer - one dollar, one mile at a time. As cancer survivors,  they know too well what a cancer diagnosis can do. They realized that they are indeed “Braver than you Believe”.

Join us in supporting cancer research. With each purchase, $10 will be donated to the Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. Maybe someone you know could use a little encouragement right now, a reminder that there is hope, that there is love and that they are
“Braver than you Believe”.
Braver than you Believe
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