The Perfect Ring

For now, at least, the Perfect Ring is special order. Because the ring should fit your finger tightly and perfectly, talking or conferring with you will make us both happy.

No one likes to return things and this should help to reduce the necessity for any return.

The Perfect Ring is made with small gauge (20 gauge) silver rings and joined in a circle. Because the rings are small in size it gives a lot of flexibility to the ring such that it actually hugs your finger. Fingers are not really round and these rings fit snugly on your finger. However, the design adjusts to your finger movements so it will never bind or hurt.

It can be worn all day and you will hardly know you are wearing it.

Here is a picture of the ring during construction. The pattern is lovely. I'm thinking of making bracelets using the same pattern. (Matching??)

If you know your ring size, or we have talked and you are comfortable with our discussion, you may order below.

The rings are available in Silver Filled, Argentium Sterling Silver, Gold Filled and combinations of these metals. 

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