The "Rose Garden Jewelry Collection" of bracelets are all made from the "Byzantine - Rose" Chain Maille weave with different colored Swarovski bicone crystals. 

The "Emerald Rose Garden" bracelet with Emerald Swarovski bicone crystals may remind you of Saint Patrick's Day, being Irish or just wanting to be. The "Golden Flower Rose Garden" with its Sapphire and Peridot Swarovski bicone crystals make a striking look for any special occasion. The look of the "Snow and Ice" and "Fall Foliage Rose Garden" bracelets can give you the feel of their name.
By expressing your personality or wearing them for a special occasion, you will always feel special wearing a bracelet from the "Rose Garden Collection"

"Emerald Rose Garden" Bracelet


"Golden Flower Rose Garden" Bracelet


"Snow and Ice Rose Garden" Bracelet


"Fall Foliage Rose Garden" Bracelet

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