Everything you wanted to know about "Chain Maille"

Ring by Ring Designs
The name "Ring by Ring Designs" came from the fact that so many people would ask "How do you make that?" when looking at the Chain Maille bracelets and necklaces. The answer is "Ring by Ring" much as people who knit or crochet would reply "Stitch by Stitch" . Here is a picture of the start of a Chain Maille bracelet.
Many rings are required to make one bracelet. The one started in the picture takes about 80 rings. Necklaces can take up to 180 rings. Remember "ring by ring" to make each piece.

The technique of Chain Maille is accomplished by opening, closing and adding, in order or pattern, various sized “jump rings”. Chain Maille requires specific sizes of rings to make what the various patterns require. Some are large and some very small. A pattern can require several different sizes.

Click on the picture on the right to see a short video on "Making Chain Maille"  or click here
Chain Maille Making
Chain Maille Bracelets
Here are some Chain Maille bracelets, under the name of Silver Bracelets as many people do not know what Chain Maille means. But now you do, right?  😉
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